Frequently Asked Questions

The training program is suitable for participants of all ages and levels. From beginners to experienced athletes, everyone can find a customized training program for their own goals.

The training program starts with a preliminary interview that first assesses the participant's goals, health status and current level. Accordingly, a personalized training and nutrition plan is created. The training process then continues with online lessons, video tutorials and progress monitoring.

At the end of the training, participants can observe positive results such as an improvement in their general health, better physical condition, increased stress management skills. This can positively impact your employees' work performance.

Our trainings are given by our expert and experienced trainers. We aim to provide the best training to the participants with the content prepared by professionals who are experts in their fields.

To apply for trainings, simply fill out the "Corporate Training Application Form". By filling out the form, you can indicate your business needs and preferences. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

The cost of our trainings varies depending on factors such as training content, duration, number of participants and customizations. You can contact us by filling out the application form to get a customized offer. Our team will be ready to offer the most suitable solution.

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We have designed and realized thousands of corporate trainings and workshops to date. We can design customized trainings, events and creative solutions for your organization by feeding on our different and up-to-date content.


Instant Feedback

Thanks to the training journeys designed in the Training Management System, users can receive instant feedback from the system and have the opportunity to see their levels.

Cognitive Flexibility

We can also call it organizational agility. Together with emotional intelligence, it is one of the topics we focus on the most. Here, too, we provide learning through performance.